2010 ~ NOW


  • 2021

    08Development / Patent registration of automobile and electric vehicle battery cables

  • 2018

    08Development of cables for electric vehicles (EVs)

  • 2017

    03Approval of sensor wire supplier (Samsung SDI)

  • 2014

    03Approved as a partner of Mando Co., Ltd. (Electric vehicle parts)

  • 2013

    09Development of high-voltage cable for automotive LED lamp

    02Joint development and production of cables for ships with LS Cable & System

  • 2012

    07Solar cable TUV certification (TUV SUD)

    01Factory relocation (integration of insulation and irradiation factories) > Operation of electronic accelerator units 1, 2 and 3

  • 2011

    10Acquired HFIX electrical appliance safety certification (KTL)

    05UL certification for solar cable (E334215)

  • 2010

    11Started supplying Camtronics (Samsung Electronic Parts)

1999 ~ 2009

  • 2009

    Mass production of solar cable (LAPP OEM)06

  • 2006

    Acquired TS 16949 certification08

  • 2005

    Acquired ISO 14001 certification07

  • 2004

    Designated as a promising small and medium-sized business > Chungcheongnam-do07

    ECO WIRE (Eco- friendly wire) > Acquired UL certification06

    Completed the 2nd insulation plant and started operation03

  • 2003

    Started operation of electron accelerator unit 2 12

    Designated as a technology innovation S&M enterprise > Small and Medium Business Administration 09

    Designated as a company specializing in Korean parts and materials > Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy 08

    Registered as a secondary supplier for Hyundai and Kia Motors

    Long-term supply contract for special equipment for military use > Yonhap Precision07

    Obtained UL certification for irradiated wire for TFT-LCD BLU06

    Patent acquisition > Polymer processing equipment using electron beam01


  • 2002

    10Registered as a secondary parts supplier for Kia Motors

    05Irradiated cables for automobiles > started OEM supply for Nexans Korea, LG Cables & System

    03Acquired ISO 9001 , QS9000 certifications

  • 2001

    09Designated as a military service exemption company > Military Manpower Administration

    Approval for establishment of an affiliated research institute > Ministry of Science and Technology

    06LG C&S > Mass production of irradiated wires and heat shrinkable tubing for UL

    Acquired venture business certification > Small and Medium Business Administration

    04Acquired US UL (C-UL) certification > UL irradiated wire

    03Mass production of prototypes > Heat shrinkable tube, irradiated wire

  • 2000

    11Deryook Technology, Yeonki Plant completed

    06Permission to use irradiation equipment > Ministry of Science and Technology

  • 1999

    11Established Deryook Technology Co., Ltd.



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